Hey, It's Me...

I object to the word, Blog, purely on an onomatopoeic basis. It sounds like something that happens after one chokes on mashed potatoes and Dr. Pepper.

It's a list of books and topics I follow.

That One Book I've Published

*sigh* I wish it said "Books," but, you know... I'm still perfecting the next one three instead of just getting on with printing what I have.


Some women manage to homeschool 4 kids, run a business, write, self-publish and market their books. 

I am not some women. 

I homeschooled my 2 kids for 15 years and  didn't wash dishes or clean house or run a business. I didn't write for seven years.

Since transitioning the kids to public school, I often cook, sometimes clean,  work a paying job, and sometimes write. 

Sometime, I'll tell you more about our journey.